Step 1

Instructions - Step 1

Use an alcohol wipe or a moist towelette to wipe the surface clean. Please do not wash your electronic device.

Step 2

Instructions - Step 2

The set consists of three layers; a clear application film on top, the vinyl decal in between, and backing paper on bottom.

Step 3

Instructions - Step 3

Peel off the clear application film from the white backing paper. The vinyl decal should stay on the clear film.

Step 4

Instructions - Step 4

You’ll end up with something like this. Go ahead and position and lay the application film onto your target surface.

Step 5

Instructions - Step 5

Use a card to push the bubbles out from underneath the vinyl decal. Rub the decal down thoroughly to make sure the decal sticks firm onto your surface.

Step 6

Instructions - Step 6

Final step is to remove the clear application film. Don’t just rip it right off as you will peel the vinyl decal along with it. Instead, peel back the film slowly at an angle.

Step 7

Instructions - Step 7

If vinyl decal gets pulled along with the clear application film, lay it back down and give it some hard rub. Then repeat Step 6 until the entire clear application film is removed.

Ta Daaa!

Instructions - Step 8

You’ve done it! Take a picture of your new decal and tag #dreamyjumpers on Instagram! Your awesome sticker will be displayed on our website. Hope you enjoy it!